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Self Portrait WIP2 by OnlyMe722 Self Portrait WIP2 :icononlyme722:OnlyMe722 3 3 Tree of Life by OnlyMe722 Tree of Life :icononlyme722:OnlyMe722 32 18 Cherry Blossom Martini by OnlyMe722 Cherry Blossom Martini :icononlyme722:OnlyMe722 2 9 Big Plans by OnlyMe722 Big Plans :icononlyme722:OnlyMe722 1 10 Nap Time by OnlyMe722 Nap Time :icononlyme722:OnlyMe722 0 2 Save a Life by OnlyMe722 Save a Life :icononlyme722:OnlyMe722 0 2 Love Turtles by OnlyMe722 Love Turtles :icononlyme722:OnlyMe722 0 2
Finding Lilah
          Thunder was rolling in from the south.  I walked towards the dark passageway feebly lit despite the moonless night.  All I could see of the dark alley stretching ahead was the yellow light near the end. Hovering above the crevice-laden wood door, it lit the brick walls just enough to reveal the flaking plaster and grime between the stones.  During the day the place had an antique look akin to faded and frayed newspaper.  At night the shadows and eerie buzzing street lights seemed to be in cahoots with the heavy fog.  Like a predator it swam an inch above the cold pavement, sucking up the echoes of my footsteps.  I was about to enter through the back door of this dive called The Cellar. It was a night club where locals and hoodlums gathered for moonshine and hot-blooded entertainment provided for by Lilah, my unofficial other half.  I didn’t usually ente
:icononlyme722:OnlyMe722 0 2
Mature content
Sydney's Epiphany :icononlyme722:OnlyMe722 0 3
Mature content
Duality of Love and Anger :icononlyme722:OnlyMe722 1 10
A Reunion
Glasses clink and wine spills
Splashing over every conscious fiber
Of our meaningless, benign prattling
None caring who crosses the line
An embrace of family around me
That nestles itself into each crook
Of my haphazard life, missing
A piece of something bigger
I didn’t fathom until, so fully drunk
On our reunion of playing cards
And aiming jokes at open wounds
The wine let us laugh, it emptied us
Of barriers and intricate webs
The pastel edges of the flower garden
Lent the long stems of roses
A closer vantage to our shoulders
Where even your conscience
Or little devil with fists clenched
Could not find room in your ear
To stop the flow of unguarded words
Armored words catch on one’s teeth
Mistakenly tripping on the way out
Slurring through our fumbling lips
Wet from wine and second-thought
Heavy words when flung away
Leave the mouth light enough
To curve into a wicked smile
When these words bounce
From head to head, turning
The neck to face this Jester
Whose jokes make even
:icononlyme722:OnlyMe722 2 8
Heads or Tails
His grandpa gave it to him
This shiny pendant
This beacon of promise
Heads or Tails
Flip it once
Focus on the spin
Choices made simple
By the toss of a coin
When he was twelve years
Friends told him it was cool
Just one sip, only a little puff
He flipped that coin
Presidents and Monuments
His faithful compass
And ten years later
Quitting wasn’t as easy as
Heads or Tails
At seventeen she asked him
How bad do you want it?
Just this once, it’ll feel good
He flipped that coin
Presidents and monuments
His fortune teller
And a year later
Boy or girl wasn’t about
Heads or Tails
At twenty two they told him
Buying wasn’t as fun as taking
No one would see, just this once
He flipped that coin
Presidents and Monuments
His estranged guide
And five years later
Which inmate to befriend
Wasn’t as foolproof as
Heads or Tails
At thirty his son had a birthday party
Piñatas or the good ol’ days
One last scheme, money in the bank
He flipped that coin
Presidents and Monume
:icononlyme722:OnlyMe722 2 10
Lakeside Camper
I awake.
My eyes snap open; sleepily I peer at the canvas walls,
My tent has become an oven, it shrinks around me,
Suddenly the woods seem to burst and surge as I rise,
The music of birds, crickets, and nearby campers
Will spill into the air, flooding the ground,
Filling the open space like the green aroma of Pines,
I unzip the tent and feel the morning air splash inside
Like the waves at the beach while the hot breath of day
Pops and fizzles around me.
When the sun is over my head, causing the living to swoon,
I stand in the water at the edge of an emerald lake,
Small waves tickle my feet and embrace my ankles
While muddy embankments tug on my toes,
I slosh further in, I am the intrepid explorer here,
I will push away the fear of slimy things whipping past
As I roll over onto my back and let the surface swallow me,
Becoming one while together we rise and fall,
Like the red and white buoys solitary in the vastness.
As the sun begins to lower I slather lotion on my face,
My arms and leg
:icononlyme722:OnlyMe722 0 0
The First Kiss
The night sky draped over us, big and wide
Like an enormous tent with holes and shapes
Punched in it to light the dark corners
The kind of dark corners that daring boys
Bring the nervous young girls
With quiet anxiety I allowed him to lead me
We snuck through an opening in a fence
The sound of water gurgling below us
Dancing around the stones in the stream
Quick and unpredictable
Like the nerves bundled in my stomach
Somewhere deep inside I was trembling
Wondering if my mouth would go dry
Before I had a chance to gather courage
At 16 he was the smooth talking guy
Testing his new lines on a timid girl
Just barely a teenager, halfway blossomed
I knew the game, laughed at his jokes
Smiled in just a way to quicken his pulse
Stepped forward with chin up, eyelids lazy
I saw it coming as his primal desires
Broke open in his eyes and fingertips
He thrust his tongue between my lips
Throbbing and swollen from the first nibble
Forced an intimacy I couldn’t begin to fathom
Swooning in a half-
:icononlyme722:OnlyMe722 1 2
Portrait of a Vagrant
Laughing man, a symphony of one, whose hearty howls
waltzed boisterously against the hallway panels,
crept under the crack of my door where I was roused
From dreams, jolted awake by the memory of a voice.
The uncle who'd, when I bounced off the walls
as a giddy child, had played airplane with me.
then years ago carved out a home in the riverbed.
When I first looked at him, taking in the vision-
the oversized clothes, the dust and dirt clinging,
revolving in orbit lazily, sleepily around him-
just thinking about it stung my nostrils.
He fumbled clumsily with his Top Hat, Tobacco
always pocketed on the left, never a surprise, yet
the pallor of his face was most shocking to behold.
A face painted white by, branded
by a life of scraps, booze, and defeat.
How garishly he resembled, how crudely
he played the part, so somberly a clown.
A smile spread wide, betraying the eyes,
bloodshot as the morning after digging
too far into the truth of his skeletons,
or spent burying them in the dirt
:icononlyme722:OnlyMe722 2 13
Collector of the Untold
Blinding tears
Scary, powerful, woefully terrorizing
That book had been buried amidst the others
Long ago, a lifetime ago
It had ended crudely, a death
Harsh, cold, unforgivingly immaculate
Like the barren pages of white
Only half way through the story
Like being struck by an unbiased 18 wheeler
Affirmations, convictions, a silver bullet
Ripping through, stripping away, leaving
And then the flooding, a gushing overflow
Not shock, not awe, Something like fear
The kind you can't quite outrun in dreams
No...It wasn't just that
Ice in the marrow, spiders under the skin
Melting, crawling into eachother
Until the whole body vibrated
Repulsed by my own convulsions
Mind and spirit more and more ravenous
Ingesting every nuance
Every space between every block
Surpised by myself,
But this was intended, expected, I think
Words speak volumes
A job well done
In confidence I confess
I still remember, more than I desire,
What it used to be like before
The reaper of all things in bloom,
He, who gathers
:icononlyme722:OnlyMe722 0 2

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a.k.a. MissSpiffey
United States
Current Residence: California, in a house...we also have some bushes...but I don't live in those...
Favourite genre of music: I could say metal, but it really just boils down to good ol' Rock n' Roll.
Favourite style of art: Whatever happens to be aesthetically pleasing in the moment.
Operating System: Most of the time it's the squishy organ in my head, at alternative moments...I'm just not
MP3 player of choice: I adore my Ipod Touch (yes, I actually paid 400 bucks for 16 gigs)
Shell of choice: do you mean "sea" shell...cuz I like Sea Shells, Just ask Sally!
Wallpaper of choice: Willy Wonka's lickable wallpaper! ...but seriously...that would be soo cool...
Skin of choice: My Own...I figure I've got a least a dozen more years before my integumentary system goes to cr
Favourite cartoon character: Calvin & Hobbes! You can't have one without the other! Besides, Hobbes is an extension of
Personal Quote: Regret is a wasted emotion. It only involves dwelling on things you can't change.

Websites to Soothe Your Boredom.

Sun Apr 20, 2008, 10:48 PM
This is a compilation of many of my favorite websites that I found all thanks to FireFox's Stumble Upon feature. If you are bored and have a computer there is no better way to spend your time, and eventually someone will have to drag you away from your computer. It fully takes advantage of everything the internet has to offer, and the more you use it the more you get out of the random sites (it learns your preferences).

My Most Recent Favorite StumbleUpon Finds:

Make-A-Flake This nifty little flash site lets you digitally create snowflakes to your heart’s content.

AOLer Translation Super fun little translator that takes normal, grown-up talk, and translates it into “netspeak” or what the creator called “12-year-old AOLer” talk.

Children Vs Artists An artist used a child's drawings for inspiration for surrealistic drawings.  Very cool experiment.

Color Palette Generator I haven’t used it yet, but the idea is that you submit your photo or ref. photo and it generates a suitable color palette based on the photo.  I can’t wait to use it.

Lexophiles A fun read of many phrases utilizing double entendre, play on words, euphemisms, etc.

Sleuth: Shades of Mystery An interactive point and click game.  You’re a detective who gathers evidence, analyzes it, and finds the correct murderer. I love this game.

Random Title Generator I could actually see myself using this.  It generates 6 random titles, many of which are absurd, but intriguing and fun ones pop of all the time.

Plot Generator This generates a very basic plot wherein a Protagonist/Antagonist are assigned with basic features, and a secondary character is assigned.  Some of them actually get your creative juices flowing.

Hell Explained by a College Student For the intellectual in you.  This was just very amusing to read, and if it’s a true story then this student is one hell of a clever thinker.  

Image Metrics Fascinating example of how amazing CGI is getting these days.

Serial Killer or Not? Very cool, and interactive. You look at a series of pictures and have to decide if there were a serial killer or computer language coder.  You’ll be surprised!

Prison Dancers In the Philippines many prisoners not only got together to dance in the courtyard, but had obviously choreographed it!  It’s a video, and follow the links to see more of the same dancers doing different songs.

Amazing Street Paintings You might have seen this before, but these are street paintings that play tricks on your eyes.

College Guys do Spoof on Bohemian Rhapsody If you’re like me and love this song you will probably get a kick out of this interpretation.

12 Crazy Old Adds Very amusing collection of real adds…at least I believe they were real.

Laser Illusions Very cool performance act.  A combination of laser tricks and magic.

Theory of Relativity Explained This was designed for youngsters but I found it very fascinating and I was actually able to understand it.  It’s Flash and interactive.

Paradoxes and Puzzles This will definitely get your brain ticking…if you happen to like that sort of thing.

Drunk Squirrel Video This is just classic.  Take a look.

PostSecret A long-time favorite.  Heart-warming, emotional, disturbing…you really need to check it out.  Every week it is updated.

Are You Bored? I'd tell you what it is but it would ruin the surprise.  I actually laughed out loud at it.

Handling a Telemarketer There are tons of great ways to do this, but this is one of my favorites because it's a guide that won't lead you astray!  I wanna try it sooo bad!

South Park Studio Create your own South Park character.  There are tons of things to choose from.

Samarost Very fun puzzle like flash game, kinda reminds me just a bit of Myst.  

So let me know if you like this and I update it weekly-ish.
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